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        全国热线服务: 020-38776123

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        Yubei superhard material products co., LTD is a professional production and sales of diamond abrasive company. Since established the factory in 1999, we are specialized in producing sorts of diamond grinding wheels which used for glass deep processing machines. Our products are divided into two major series, bronze and resin bond. These products exquisite workmanship, a wide variety, suitable for special-shaped machine, straight line machine, bevel edge machine, wave machine, computer engraving machine, portable edging machine and other equipment with grinding wheel. And we can also according to customers’ requirements of production. OEM are welcomed. 

        After more than ten years of development, the production scale expands unceasingly, constantly updated equipment, and introduced foreign advanced production and processing technology, Strong technical force and perfect process equipment makes our product quality stability and durable. Our products won the lots of domestic and foreign customers’ trust and love. The company will continue to pursue “quality first, customer first, small profits but quick turnover” this principle, keep a good business reputation, we sincerely welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation with us. And create a better future.